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digital pioneers

The key question

Why Nepanova?

The short and simple answer is that our work has real value and quality.

It's easy to say, you might think...

Introducing Nepanova, which is 

More that website development

No templates or page builder

Competence & cooperation

The guaranteed quality

We have the right system for you

Be a hairdresser, a photographer, or a restaurant owner

Choose which category you belong to, and we'll show you the solutions to make your own and your customers' lives easier.





World-changing entrepreneur

Range of services

Our partners can choose from a wide range of custom-built platforms and solutions, combine them, or request additional add-ons and development.

How do we work?

There are very different workflows and strategies when building a website or developing a complete web application. We plan and coordinate the project with this in mind, right from the first meeting.


The first meeting & brainstorming

This is a joint brainstorming session. When we talk about everything from company values, to target audience, to different technologies.


Planning and statring to work on the project

We create the skeleton and structure of your business website or custom web system.


Development and the working first version

Here all the basic functions are already in operation, and we can start designing the user interface. From absolute scratch, because we only deliver custom, code-based designs.


This is where we will spend most of our time

This is the stage when a premium website takes its final form. Here we are still in the process of making changes to the design, and adding the missing parts.


Optimising and finalising

We put a lot of effort into quality, so we code as tightly as possible from the start of the project to ensure the end result is an ultra-fast site. At the end, we run through the whole thing again.